They’re back! They’ve rebounded from the bottom of hell itself to come back and play. Infernal Death – a band which, together with Vader, Imperator, Armagedon or Betrayer, created Polish death metal scene from scratch – has finally produced their debut album. The band, who date back to 1991, finally presents you the official product containing 10 brutal tracks very much related to the old school of death metal. The album is complemented with a bonus in the form of the band’s demo from 1992 entitled “Twilight Tales.” It’s a return to the past on the 20th anniversary of the release of the demo. Prepare yourself for an infernal death which shall show its face in the fog and will establish a new order. LET THE ANGER RISE IN YOU!




Title: Gniew

Label: Psycho Rec.

Cat. No.: PR029CD

Format: CD

Style: Death/Thrash Metal


1. Piekielna Śmierć, 2. Paragraf 148, 3. Gdy Przyjdzie Śmierć, 4. Ponura Przyszłość, 5. Nowy Ład, 6. Robactwo Allacha, 7. Gniew, 8. Człowiek Maszyna, 9. Twarz We Mgle, 10. Dość, 11. Intro, 12. Ludzie Cieni, 13. Klątwa Lucyfera, 14. Bal-Sagoth (Otchłań Zapomnienia), 15. Czas Zbawienia, 16. Oto Nadeszła.., 17. Piekielna Śmierć, 18. Bolek I Lolek

Additional Information

Artist Infernal Death
Style Death Metal
Label Psycho