INFATUATION OF DEATH Code Of Impiety CD Digipack

Although they – after many years of underground existence – irrevocably ceased playing, they left an excellent album that pays homage to very core of Satan-fueled, barbaric death metal. Rage, crushing heaviness, remarkable technique and uncompromising message – it’s all there on the Code of Impiety. Furthermore, the CD contains a bonus multimedia section with a collection of band’s demo recordings.

A classic 'must have' for all devoted worshippers of underground cult acts, such as Incantation, Malevolent Creation, the primeval Magick of Morbid Angel and fiendish ferocity of Liers in Wait . Infatuation of Death may be dead, but it’s posthumous bastard still decapitates!




Title: Code Of Impiety

Label: Defense Rec./Mythrone Prom.

Cat. No.: DEFENSE043

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Death Metal


1. Code of Impiety, 2. Left to the World, 3. The Grand Declaration of Forever Hate, 4. The Essence (Lead Us into Temptation), 5. Unblessed, 6. Infatuation with Death, 7. F.44.3, 8. Icons of Impurity, 9. Dead Christ Manifest, 10. T.A.P.O.S.M.A. + BONUS: Demos Collection

Additional Information

Artist Infatuation Of Death
Style Death Metal
Label Defense