HYPNOS The Whitecrow LP

5th full-length album released on black vinyl by Monster Nation.




Title: The Whitecrow

Label: Monster Nation

Cat. No.: MN-039

Format: LP

Style: Death Metal


A1. Prologue, A2. Towards Humanity, A3. The Whitecrow, A4. One Flesh, One Blood, A5. Get Inspired By The Light / Discipline Of Self-Treatment, A6. Sin Collectors, B1. Haereticum Minuet / Rebels Dancing, B2. The Gift Of Hope, B3. About Trust / The Anatomy Of Empathy, B4. Der Mordschlag / Germanophobe II, B5. Epilogue, B6. To Dark To Shine / To Young To Die, B7. Humanized


Additional Information

Artist Hypnos
Style Death Metal
Label Monster Nation