HUMAN ABASEMENT Annihilation Of The Human Plague CD

Highly anticipated debut full length CD of Head-Splitting Brutal Death Metal from Colombia! SICK SHIT!!!




Title: Annihilation Of The Human Plague

Label: Sevared Rec.

Cat. No.: SR-345

Format: CD

Style: Brutal Death Metal


1. Intro, 2. The Collector of Human Heads, 3. Death To Mankind, 4. Annihilation Of The Human Plague, 5. Fresh Meat For The Carnivores, 6. Devastation, 7. Piroclastic Putrefaction, 8. Violent Carnal Access, 9. Suicide Is The Solution, 10. Smash Your Face Till Crush Your Skull, 11. Human Abasement

Additional Information

Artist Human Abasement
Style Death Metal
Label Sevared