HIRAX Not Dead Yet CD

Selfmadegod continues to release Hirax material for the European territory. The time has come for the 22-song CD "Not Dead Yet". The disc consists of "Raging Violence" (1985, Metal Blade) and "Hate, Fear And Power" (1986, Metal Blade), the classic first two albums. Started back in 1984 by characteristic singer Katon W. De Pena, Hirax are indisputable pioneers of American thrash metal/crossover. The front cover images have been created by renown artists Pushead (Septic Death) and Mad Marc Rude.




Title: Not Dead Yet

Label: Selfmadegod Rec.

Cat. No.: SMG047

Format: CD

Style: Thrash Metal/Crossover


Raging Violence:

1. Demons Evil Forces, 2. Blitzkrieg Air Attack, 3. Guardian Protector, 4. Bombs Of Death, 5. Defeat Of Amalek, 6. Raging Violence, 7. Call Of The Gods, 8. Warlords  Command, 9. Suicide, 10. Executed, 11. The Gauntlet, 12. Destruction & Terror, 13. Destroy, 14. Bloodbath

Hate, Fear And Power:

15. Hate, Fear And Power, 16. Blind Faith, 17. Unholy Sacrifice, 18. Lightning Thunder, 19. The Last War, 20. The Plague, 21. Imprisoned By Ignorance, 22. Criminal Punishment

Additional Information

Artist Hirax
Style Thrash Metal
Label Selfmadegod