HATEWORK ...The Actual Worst Has Come... CD

Compilation CD.




Title: …The Actual Worst Has Come…

Label: Punishment 18 Rec.

Cat. No.: P18R003

Format: CD

Style: Thrash Metal


1. Ring Of Fire, 2. My Way, 3. Chevrolet, 4. No Authority, 5. Tequila B.A., 6. It’s War, 7. Thrash’n’Roll, 8. I.D.T., 9. I Don’t Care, 10. Bastard, 11. Madbent For Disaster, 12. Total War, 13. Thrasher's Attack, 14. Dirty Noise (Live), 15. Tomahawk (Live), Video1. Ring Of Fire, Video2. No Authority, Video3. Dirty Noise

Additional Information

Artist Hatework
Style Thrash Metal
Label Punishment 18