HATEFUL Epilogue Of Masquerade CD

Second full-length album released by The Spew Records.




Title: Epilogue Of Masquerade

Label: The Spew Rec.

Cat. No.: TS028

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Artifacts Of The Damned, 2. Corrupting The Veils That Keeps The Mind Sane, 3. A Despicable Harvest, 4. It Once Was Light, 5. Breathing The Whirlwind, 6. Instinct Of The Carnivorous Mass, 7. Stillbirth, 8. A Wolf's In Sheep's Clothing, 9. Celestial Purification, 10. Ravenous, 11. Walking Into A Nightmare, 12. Bloodline

Additional Information

Artist Hateful
Style Death Metal
Label The Spew