HAEMOPHAGUS Stream Of Shadows CD

Third full album of HAEMOPHAGUS from Palermo, Sicily, Italy! It contains 14 songs of horror obsessed death metal/grindcore influenced by early CARCASS, GENERAL SURGERY, REPULSION, AUTOPSY, TERRORIZER. “Stream of Shadows” was recorded, engineered and mixed in Palermo by the long time friend Silvio "Spadino" Punzo at Tone Deaf Studios. Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering (IMPALED, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, IRON REAGAN, GHOUL). Artwork by Luis Sendón (NASHGUL, BRUTAL TRUTH, MACABRE, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER). The band’s line-up consists of past and current members of such bands as ASSUMPTION, GRAVESITE, MORBO, UNDEAD CREEP, REPULSIONE.




Title: Stream Of Shadows

Label: Selfmadegod Rec.

Cat. No.: SMG160

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal/Grindcore


01. Shadowline, 02. Tombtown, 03. Blastmaniacom! 04. Deranger, 05. Meteor Mind, 06. Electric Circles in a Yellow Sky, 07. Captured from Above, 08. Innergetic, 09. The Cosmicorpse, 10. Infectious Domain, 11. Monochrome, 12. Unrestrained, 13. Twisted Syllables, 14. The Darkest Trip

Additional Information

Artist Haemophagus
Style Death Metal
Label Selfmadegod