In 2013, Fra and Cristiano of "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" and Alessio of "SpermBloodShit", started GUINEAPIG. A total whorship of their gore-gods of "Cock & Ball Torture", they created a new, fresh version of Groovy Goregrind. Don't wait for blastbeats, this album is something to relaxe with. This could be seamless a new C.B.T. release, but it's Guineapig.... Totally slow-motion grooves in all songs, changing vocals from shifted burps to powerfull shouts. Recommended if you like Cock and Ball Torture, Mortician, Gut.




Title: Bacteria

Label: Rotten Roll Rex.

Cat. No.: RRR044

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind


1. Coccobacilli Shotgun, 2. Pathogen Stimulator, 3. Plasmodium, 4. Maruta, 5. Epidemic, 6. Project Sunshine, 7. Defoliation Bacilli Bomb, 8. Spastic Genoma Spread, 9. Cyclopia, 10. Terminator Mosquito, 11. Variola Major, 12. Rice Blast Fungus, 13. Fatal Paralytic Illness

Additional Information

Artist Guineapig
Style Goregrind
Label Rotten Roll