GRAVEYARD ...For Thine Is The Darkness CD

Third full-length Graveyard album released by War Anthem Records. Slipcase edit.




Title: …For Thine Is The Darkness

Label: War Anthem Rec.

Cat. No.: WAR070CD

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Almulk Biallawn Al'Asfar, 2. With Fear and Thirst, 3. Threshold I, 4. Mine Is the Shining Light, 5. Threshold II, 6. The Mighty Columns of Irem, 7. Threshold III, 8. Hidden Amidst the Stars, 9. Threshold IV, 10. To Earth and Death, 11. Threshold V, 12. Defy & Conquer, 13. Threshold VI, 14. The Womb of the Desert, 15. Threshold VII, 16. Son of the Aeon / Sun of the Daemon, 17. Alqabr Al'Abdi

Additional Information

Artist Graveyard (Spain)
Style Death Metal
Label War Anthem