GRAVESITE Horrifying Nightmares... CD

1st album by this Italian band formed by members from HAEMOPHAGUS, UNDEAD CREEP & CANCER SPREADING that plays an old fashioned Horror Death Metal in the tradition of bands like AUTOPSY, GRAVE, DEATH, CARCASS...




Title: Horrifying Nightmares…

Label: Xtreem Music

Cat. No.: XM183CD

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Intro/Anguished Sleep, 2. Submerged In Vomit, 3. Horrifying Nightmares Of Flesh And Blood, 4. I Want To Rot, 5. The Painter Of Agonies, 6. Where Mortals Fear To Thread, 7. Curse Of The Red Moon, 8. Worship Death In All Its Forms, 9. Suscipe Mortem

Additional Information

Artist Gravesite
Style Death Metal
Label Xtreem Music