GORATORY Sexual Intercorpse CD

In 2001, 6 Young sick fuckers from Massachusetts released an album which consisted of 7 tracks filled with pure brutality and insanity. This album made a huge impact on the brutal death metal. Yeesss, Goratory - Sexual Intercorpse is finally reissued adding 3 live tracks (Live at Ikebukuro Chop Tokyo Japan Aug 8, 2004) and 3 live videos (Live at Bomb Shelter 2004 Line-up) as a bonus. This album is surely one of the brutal death metal masterpieces. There is no reason you wouldn't get this.




Title: Sexual Intercorpse

Label: Amputated Vein Rec.

Cat. No.: AVR044

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Pus Filled Maggots, 2. Retrograde Defecation, 3. Mutilate And Modify, 4. Into The Grinding Machine, 5. Wrestling With Feces, 6. Infant Skin Suitcase, 7. Fisting The Elderly

Bonus Track (Live At Ikebukuro Chop Tokyo Japan Aug 8, 2004):

8. Anally Injected Death Sperm, 9. Total Eclipse Of The Fart, 10. Infant Skin Suitcase

Live Video (Live At Bomb Shelter 2004 Line-Up):

1. Rice On Suede, 2. George Clinton And The 9 Year Old Gutter Slut, 3. Mutilate Remodified

Additional Information

Artist Goratory
Style Death Metal
Label Amputated Vein