FURIOUS BARKING / DESMODUS Italian Thrash Relics Vol. I CD

Born from an idea of two Italian underground metal lovers (Paolo from DeathStorm Records and Gabriele from Rude Awakening Records), “Italian Thrash Relics Vol. I” is the first step of a voyage into the Italian underground metal movement of the 80s and 90s, focusing attention especially on those forgotten thrash bands with great demos which saw the light just in a few copies for a limited number of fans or which were not supported by a real distribution, so “condemned to oblivion”; we like to call them only great works, which were claiming since years for a reissue and a final official release on cd.

Furious Barking and Desmodus are the first “Guinea pigs” of this experiment, with their demos “De-Industrialized” (1991) and “Human Wreck” (1992), originally released by the band themselves respectively in vinyl and tape. 10 songs of technical thrash, a pleasure for who loves this genre; for all die hard supporters of Italian underground scene and, as usual, for fans always in search for music played with heart and passion!




Title: Italian Thrash Relics Vol. I

Label: Death Storm Rec.

Cat. No.: DTSTR008

Format: CD

Style: Thrash Metal


01. ADM. Concilium, 02. W.W.M.O.D., 03. Neophyte Necessity, 04. Euthanasia, 05. Ipse Dixit, 06. Soldiers (Hill A136), 07. Domination, 08. Human Wreck, 09. See The Light, 10. Everything Is Dying

Additional Information

Artist Furious Barking
Style Thrash Metal
Label Death Storm