FELISHA Homo Latex Latexus CD

Debut album. Antigod, Spasm, Disfigured Corpse members on the board.




Title: Homo Latex Latexus

Label: Parat

Cat. No.: PM45

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal/Grindcore


1. Felch, 2. If Your Age Is On The Clock, Your Are Right For My Cock, 3. Swingers Eve, 4. I Loved You Since The First Time I Sawed You, 5. She's Too Young For Summer Night, 6. Cum, Till I Feel Like Pissing, 7. Flushing Stomach, 8. Latex Life, 9. Mouth Toilet, 10. Nozofilia

Additional Information

Artist Felisha
Style Grindcore
Label Parat