FECALIZER Back From The Dead - The Wonder (S)Hits CD

Compilation CD released in 2017 by CDN Recods.




Title: Back From The Dead – The Wonder (S)Hits

Label: CDN Rec.

Cat. No.: N/A

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind


01. The Night He Came Home (Intro), 02. Anal Massacre, 03. Fecalizer, 04. Empire State Of Grind, 05. Mortal Cumbath, 06. Eat My Shit Mother Fucker, 07. We Are Going To Eat You, 08. Gore Galore, 09. Let The Zombies Rule The World, 10. Walking Cadavers Catastrophy, 11. The Walking Dead Invasion, 12. Living Dead Domination, 13. Gangbang In Fecal City, 14. Fuck Humanity, 15. Morturom Demonto, 16. Brutal Revenge, 17. Dr. Cannibal, 18. The House Of The Dead, 19. BxRxAxIxNxSx, 20. Human Toilet, 21. Stench Coprophagy, 22. When The Zombies Take The Earth, 23. Apocalyptic Friday


Additional Information

Artist Fecalizer
Style Goregrind
Label CDN