F.O.A.D. Birth Of Extinction CD Digipack

F.O.A.D. debut album. Digipack.



Band: F.O.A.D.

Title: Birth Of Extinction

Label: Defense Rec.

Cat. No.: DEFENSE042

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Thrash Metal


1. Avoid the Smell of Semen, 2. Chaos of Reign, 3. Legion of the Dead, 4. Doomed Rebirth of Christ, 5. Deathcamp VIII, 6. Bastard Son, 7. Holiday in Armenia, 8. Among the Living Carcass, 9. Bastard Son, 10. Doomed Rebirth of Christ, 11. Morbid Truth

Additional Information

Artist F.O.A.D.
Style Thrash Metal
Label Defense