EXTINCTIONIST Portals Of Extraterrestrial Invasions CD

Amazing Brutal Death Metal From Germany for Fans of Condemned. 11 Tracks, 32 Minutes pure blasting brutality.




Title: Portals Of Extraterrestrial Invasions

Label: Rising Nemesis Rec.

Cat. No.: RNR024

Format: CD

Style: Brutal Death Metal


1. Transmission, 2. Unexpected Return, 3. Portals of Extraterrestrial Invasions, 4. Devoured by the Atmosphere, 5. Painful Excesses of Doom, 6. Selection, 7. New Breed, 8. Morpholus' Heritage, 9. Dehumanized, 10. Dead Human Era, 11. Interstellar Collapse

Additional Information

Artist Extinctionist
Style Death Metal
Label Rising Nemesis