ETHELYN No Glory To The God CD

Ethelyn's new album "No Glory to the God"!!! The third album shows a completely different face of the band - it's faster, more aggressive and totally not up-to-date!!! 10 bites of the Beast within over 45 minutes, original booklet and unique graphic design!!! A must have for fans of Destroyer666, Dissection, Merciless, and Unanimated.




Title: No Glory To The God

Label: Psycho Rec.

Cat. No.: PR034CD

Format: CD

Style: Death/Black Metal


1. Dead Water, 2. No Glory To The God, 3. Sacrifire, 4. Implosion, 5. Scales, 6. No Day After Tomorrow, 7. Wormhymn, 8. Whispers Under The Coffin Lid, 9. Last Deadly Wound, 10. Heritage Of Puma Punku

Additional Information

Artist Ethelyn
Style Death Metal
Label Psycho