DYSENTERY From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh CD

After 4 long years, the deathgrind machine known as Dysentery unleashes their long awaited debut full length. „From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh” is an unrelenting assault of devastating slams, searing blasts and inhuman brutality that will decimate everything in it's path. Prepare for the suffering!




Title: From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh

Label: Amputated Vein Rec.

Cat. No.: AVR025

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Disassembling The Entities, 2. Decimation Of Fear, 3. Bound By Disease, 4. In The Absence Of The Martyr, 5. Voice Of Deprivation, 6. Unfolding Creation, 7. Purity Through Annhilation, 8. Within Descending Skies They Will Suffer, 9. Resurrecting A Dead Messiah, 10. The Entity Within, 11. A Malignant Future Awaits, 12. Carniverous Thought Patterns, 13. The New Flesh

Additional Information

Artist Dysentery
Style Death Metal
Label Amputated Vein