DR. GORE From The Deep Of Rotten CD

Italian ultra brutal gore death metal gods and their third full-length album. Gore metal for fans of Exhumed, Impaled.



Band: DR. GORE

Title: From The Deep Of Rotten

Label: Bizarre Leprous Prod.

Cat. No.: BLP0212

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind/Death Metal


1. Brutal Carnage, 2. Cannibal Grinder, 3. From The Deep Of Rotten, 4. Necrodoctor, 5. Apocalypse Of The Dead, 6. Self Cannibalism, 7. Sounds Of Your Screams, 8. Skinned Alive, 9. Reanimated Dead Corpse

Additional Information

Artist Dr. Gore
Style Death Metal
Label Bizarre Leprous