UGANGA Opressor CD

European version of 4th full-length Uganga album. Thrash/crossover straight from Brasil! „Opressor” contains 13 to the point tracks enclosed in a bit over 40 minutes. Vocalist of Uganga - Manu "Joker", used to be a member of Sarcofago in their early years. In addition to original tracks of the band a cover of Volcano was recorded featuring a guest appearance from Murillo Leito (Genocidio). Album is released as a jewel case with a 8 page booklet.




Title: Opressor

Label: Deformeathing Prod./Defense Rec.

Cat. No.: DP/023CD / DEFENSE045

Format: CD

Style: Thrash Metal/Crossover


1. Guerra, 2. O Campo, 3. Veredas, 4. Opressor, 5. Moleque de Pedra, 6. Casa, 7. L.F.T., 8. Modus Vivendi, 9. Nas Entranhas do Sol, 10. Aos Pes da Grande Arvore, 11. Noite, 12. Who Are The True? 13. Guerreiro + multimedia track

Additional Information

Artist Uganga
Style Thrash Metal
Label Deformeathing