GRIN Gnosis CD

22 years since Grin's formation and first rehersal, it's time for debut full-length album - "Gnosis". Refined, precise technical Thrash/Death/Groove Metal inspired by Voivod, Coroner and Mekong Delta but not without their individual touch. The Grin's line-up features present and former members of bands such as Ghost, Yattering, Blindead and Trauma. CD released in standard jewel case + 16-page booklet + slipcase.



Band: GRIN

Title: Gnosis

Label: Deformeathing Prod.

Cat. No.: DP/032CD

Format: CD

Style: Technical Thrash/Death/Groove Metal


1. Prologue, 2. Universal Antidote, 3. Eyes Of The Creators, 4. Gnosis, 5. Rust On My Fingers, 6. Burnt By Life, 7. Need To Be A Human, 8. Simon Magus, 9. Turn Of My Brain, 10. Mental Hole, 11. Even For A Moment

Additional Information

Artist Grin
Style Death Metal
Label Deformeathing