DOMAIN ...From Oblivion... CD

After two decades, second DOMAINs album is officially re-released. This is the first re-release of this material released in 1999. “… From Oblivion …” is 46 minutes of dark Death Metal with raw sound, and ambient elements. Sinister, blasphemous, hateful lyrics hits directly into Christian religion. All is clothed in Middle East aesthetic heritage. The legacy of ancient primeval evil – the cradle of all things. Music as at first edition, without unnecessary interference. Booklet is enriched wby old interviews, photos from fanzines and magazines. Album released on the gold CD. All copies are hand numbered.




Title: …From Oblivion…

Label: Old Temple

Cat. No.: OLD.121.

Format: CD

Style: Black/Death Metal


1. Whispered in the Dark, 2. Supernatural, 3. The Maklu Spell, 4. Sunless Domain, 5. Ritual Combat, 6. Asymetrical Megalith, 7. Deathmaker, 8. Fall into Decay, 9. Devilri, 10. The Enter, 11. Nar Mattaru, 12. Whispered in the Dark (Remix)

Additional Information

Artist Domain
Style Black Metal
Label Old Temple