DEVOID Return To The Void (The Complete Recorded Works) CD

A fantastic CD that compiles the "Blackened empire" album (1991), the "Human plague" demo (1990) and the "Circle of hypocrites" demo/promo (1992) from this obscure U.K. band featuring Carlo Regadas (ex-Carcass, ex-Blackstar). All songs remastered. Absolutely recommended for all fans of early/mid 90´s Death Metal and most especially bands such as Death, Cancer, Benediction, Immolation, Incubator, Obituary...




Title: Return To The Void (The Complete Recorded Works)

Label: Dark Blasphemies Rec.

Cat. No.: DBR011CD

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Entangled, 2. Banished from Humanity, 3. Relentless Anguish, 4. Obsession Syndrome, 5. Live Through My Pain, 6. Burning Rage, 7. Defiance

Human Plague (Demo 1990):

8. Human Plague, 9. Doomed, 10. Beyond Your Destiny

Circle Of Hypocrites (Promo 1992):

11. Bond Of Secrets, 12. Circle Of Hypocrites, 13. Hazed Insight

Additional Information

Artist Devoid
Style Death Metal
Label Dark Blasphemies