DESASTER The Arts Of Destruction CD+DVD

Full length album from 2012 released by Metal Blade Records. Limited edit with DVD disc as a bonus.




Title: The Arts Of Destruction

Label: Metal Blade Rec.

Cat. No.: 3984150840

Format: CD+DVD

Style: Black/Thrash Metal



1. Intro, 2. The Art Of Destruction, 3. Lacerate (With Rays Of Doom), 4. The Splendour Of The Idols, 5. Phantom Funeral, 6. Queens Of Sodomy, 7. At Hell's Horizons, 8. Troops Of Heathens, Graves Of Saints, 9. Possessed And Defiled, 10. Beyond Your Grace, 11. Outro


Live at Way Of Darkness Festival 2010:

1. Satan's Soldiers Syndicate, 2. Devil's Sword, 3. Porter Of Hell-Gate, 4. Infernal, 5. Tyrants Of The Netherworld, 6. Sacrilege, 7. Divine Blasphemies, 8. Splendour Of The Idols, 9. Teutonic Steel, 10. Hellbangers, 11. Metalized Blood, 12. Cross Me Fool (Razor)

Live at Funeral Feast 2011:

13. Profanation, 14. Nighthawk, 15. Troops Of Heathens, 16. Darkness And Eifel (Sabbat), 17. Nekropolis Karthago

Additional Information

Artist Desaster
Style Death Metal
Label Metal Blade