DEROGATORY Graveyard Lovers CD

Highly anticipated debut full length CD of fucking sick Brutal Death Metal from Russia featuring members of Barbarity! For fans of ROTTREVORE, FLESHLESS, DERANGED, SPLATTERED CADAVER, BOLT THROWER, MORTICIAN.




Title: Graveyard Lovers

Label: Sevared Rec.

Cat. No.: SR-326

Format: CD

Style: Brutal Death Metal


1. Cemetery Perverse Love (Introduction), 2. Insatiable For The Dead Flesh, 3. Hatred Of The Living, 4. Graveyards Of The World - United, 5. George Romero's Children, 6. The Lost Future, 7. And The Living Will Envy The Dead, 8. Hangman's Confession

Additional Information

Artist Derogatory
Style Death Metal
Label Sevared