DEPHOSPHORUS Impossible Orbits CD

Third full album of this Greek band self-described as "astrogrind". 9 songs of dark and violent mixture of death metal, grindcore and even black metal. The concept and aesthetics draw influences from cosmology, astronomy and science fiction literature, as well as the associated sociopolitical and existential repercussions. For fans of CHERUBS, TERRORIZER, REGURGITATE, INSISION with a black metal touch.




Title: Impossible Orbits

Label: Selfmadegod Rec.

Cat. No.: SMG168

Format: CD

Style: Black/Death Metal/Grindcore


1. Above The Threshold, 2. Micro-Aeons Of Torment, 3. Rational Reappraisal, 4. Αστερόσκονη (Asteroskoni), 5. Impossible Orbits, 6. Imagination Is Future History, 7. The Light Of Ancient Mistakes, 8. Suspended In A Void Universe, 9. Blessed In A Hail

Additional Information

Artist Dephosphorus
Style Death Metal
Label Selfmadegod