DEMONIC SLAUGHTER Cold Disease Of Reality CD

First full length album. Black metal in the vein of Mayhem, 1349, Urgehal.




Title: Cold Disease Of Reality

Label: Malignant Voices

Cat. No.: MV02

Format: CD

Style: Black Metal


1. Beginning, 2. Reclaming Old Truth, 3. God of Nuclear Void, 4. Confessions of Wounds, 5. Monument of Nature and Will, 6. Between the Walls of Madness, 7. Nonexistence Splendor, 8. ...Of War Religion and Genocide, 9. Antireligious Manifesto, 10. The Cold, 11. Eternal Fall, 12. As Flittermice as Satans Spys (Darkthrone cover)

Additional Information

Artist Demonic Slaughter
Style Black Metal
Label Malignant Voices