DEHUMAN REIGN Ascending From Below CD

Berlin based powerhouse DEHUMAN REIGN stand for uncompromising death metal since 2011, no modern influences or trends, just death metal: pure, authentic and evil. Debut album released by FDA Rekotz.




Title: Ascending From Below

Label: FDA Rekotz

Cat. No.: FDA94CD

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. The Ascension, 2. Apply Salt To The Open Wound, 3. Recipients Of The Abominable, 4. Minds Of The Insane, 5. Drown In Agony, 6. Garden Of Decay, 7. Articulating The Unspeakable, 8. Grey Entity, 9. Heart Of The Hypocrite, 10. Stench Of The Infected, 11. Mental Hibernation

Additional Information

Artist Dehuman Reign
Style Death Metal
Label FDA