DEFLORACE 11 Murders... Twentyyearslater CD

Debut album re-released with bonus tracks.




Title: 11 Murders

Label: Parat Rec.

Cat. No.: PM72

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal/Grindcore


"11 Murders" (1998, CD):

1. At The Gein's Is Glee, 2. Dungeon Full Of Suffer, 3. A Happy Man, 4. It Was Václav Mrázek, 5. Eternal Love, 6. Radio Gay Gay, 7. ...And All Of Them Are Dead, 8. Those Were Our Children, My Darling, 9. The Best Of.., 10. Perverted Soldier (A Green Cannibal), 11. A Killogramme Of Meat From Fritz

"Dreams Of A Serial Killers" (demotape, 1996):

12. Psycho - Cannibalized, 13. Paula, 14. Dreams Of A Serial Killers, 15. ... And The Next Good Boy, 16. Succumb To Pyrofuck, 17. Insipid Illusion, 18. Your Last Night

Additional Information

Artist Deflorace
Style Death Metal
Label Parat