DEAD Hardnaked... But Dead! CD

DEAD are back! With more energy, intensity, brutality and morbidity than ever before. Disgusting, emotional and sawing guitars meets blast-beats, heavy grooves and puking vocals. The best album since their re-union and a guaranteed death metal milestone. 10 destroying trax for friends of good old Pungent Stench, Autopsy, Incantation etc. Attention guys, since almost 15 years they have nothing to do with boring porngrind ! This is fukken, mangy death metal in a high level!!!



Band: DEAD

Title: Hardnaked But… Dead!

Label: FDA Rekotz

Cat. No.: FDA35

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal/Grindcore


1. Cock-a-Hoop (Kök, a - Hööp: Being in a State of Boastful Elation or Exultation), 2. The Fineribber, 3. Liquor Store Goddess, 4. Tits, 5. Wall of Flush, 6. A Beer, 7. Short but Slim, 8. Possessed Soldiers of Luv, 9. Perfumes of Doom, 10. Hardnaked ... but Dead!

Additional Information

Artist Dead
Style Death Metal
Label FDA