DARKTHRONE Dark Thrones & Black Flags CD

Full-length album from 2008.




Title: Dark Thrones & Black Flags

Label: Peaceville Rec.

Cat. No.: CDVILEF237

Format: CD

Style: Thrash/Black Metal


1. The Winds They Called the Dungeon Shaker, 2. Death of All Oaths (Oath Minus), 3. Hiking Metal Punks, 4. Blacksmith of the North (Keep That Ancient Fire), 5. Norway in September, 6. Grizzly Trade, 7. Hanging Out in Haiger, 8. Dark Thrones and Black Flags, 9. Launchpad to Nothingness, 10. Witch Ghetto

Additional Information

Artist Darkthrone
Style Black Metal
Label Peaceville