CUMBEAST Straight Outta Sewer CD

From the west coast of Finland, Cumbeast is hitting hard with their 4th album. „Straight Outta Sewer” to lay the town to waste, you will witness this groove-magnon posse to destroy with their balls out heavy, slammable sickness! Get ready to mosh, laugh and groove your shoes off while dancing to these nasty-ass tunes.The guerrillaz of sickness are most definitely back with a muthafuckin‘ vengeance!




Title: Straight Outta Sewer

Label: Rotten Roll Rex.

Cat. No.: RRR070

Format: CD

Style: Slam Death Metal


1. Guerrillaz Of Sickness, 2. Septic Zorro, 3. Leper Beach, 4. Sewer Mongrel, 5. Guttural Jumanji, 6. Intergalactic Intercourse, 7. Bowel Harmonics, 8. Vulgar Display Of Genitalia, 9. Sudden Death Thugs

Additional Information

Artist Cumbeast
Style Death Metal
Label Rotten Roll