COLLISION Romantic Display Of Love CD

First full length album.




Title: Romantic Display Of Love

Label: Bizarre Leprous Prod.

Cat. No.: BLP048

Format: CD

Style: Grindcore


1. Cowboy George, 2. Let The Big Bucks Roll In, 3. Hooligan Shit, 4. Fake, 5. Roadkill, 6. Die For A Fake God, 7. Bob Ross Is Cool, 8. I Hate Christmas, 9. Out Of Step, 10. A Different Kind Of Hero, 11. Hot Pursuit, 12. Papercupjazzkingkong, 13. Spoiled Rotten 90210, 14. Live Free From Religion, 15. Trend Called Alternative, 16. Big Breasted Bimbo's, 17. Coming Home In A Body Bag, 18. Child Molester, 19. Radiation Is Back, 20. Hang The Pope, 21. Hail Satan 666

Additional Information

Artist Collision
Style Grindcore
Label Bizarre Leprous