CHRIST AGONY Daemoonseth - Act II CD Digipack

Reissue of the second Christ Agony album from 1994. “Daemoonseth- Act II” is a continuation and development of the path taken on the debut album. Minimalism closed in a simple but melodic riffs, acoustic guitars and atmosphere are the characteristics that only Christ Agony music possess. Act II of the trilogy is a blasphemous poem written with mystical sounds for which the band is known.




Title: Daemoonseth - Act II

Label: Witching Hour Prod.

Cat. No.: EVIL089CD

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Dark Black Metal


1. Introit Moon, 2. Urtica Diaoica Cultha, 3. Athyrium Typha Luciferi, 4. Diaboli Necronasti, 5. Sacronocturn, 6. Abasatha Pagan (Prophetical Part III)

Additional Information

Artist Christ Agony
Style Black Metal
Label Witching Hour