CALM HATCHERY El-Alamein CD Digipack

First full-length album re-released with bonus tracks from EP “These Which Were”. Brutal death metal for fans of Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Vader or Morbid Angel.




Title: El-Alamein

Label: Defense Rec.

Cat. No.: DEFENSE006

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Death Metal


1. Stone Wings of the Emperor, 2. Beauty of Pain, 3. El-Alamein, 4. God of Shadows, 5. Obexob (The 22nd Hour), 6. Execution, 7. Evolutionary Burning, 8. Psycho Desert, 9. I'm Coming for Your Throne


10. These Which Were, 11. Kissing the Graphitic Skin, 12. Shine for the Choosen One, 13. Lost in the Sands

Additional Information

Artist Calm Hatchery
Style Death Metal
Label Defense