AS LIGHT DIES A Step Through Reflection CD

After three great successful demos As Light Dies offer us their first strike entitled “A step throught the reflection”. Over 70 minutes of a new point of view of the weird, twisted and dark realms of black, folk, doom, progressive and death metal with reminiscences in bands as Ved Buens Ende, Orphanage, Borknagar, Opeth, Arcturus, Cynic, Pink Floyd and Anathema. Eclectic and avantgarde songs fulfilled with melody, awesome musicianship and brutality, creating ambients that takes the audience to strange, fantastic and macabre oniric landscapes. Without any kind of doubt a shiny jewel into the Spanish black/death scene.




Title: A Step Through The Reflection

Label: Mondongo Canibale Rec.

Cat. No.: MCR–007

Format: CD

Style: Progressive Black/Death/Doom Metal


1. Crossing The Stygian Lake, 2. Out Of The Cave, 3. Imprisoned Forever, 4. The Very Beginning, 5. Weird Imperfect Symmetry Of Creation, 6. Peering Through The Reflection, 7. A Step Through The Reflection, 8. In Fairies Garden, 9. A Shine After A Thousand Years Of Darkness, 10. The Temple, 11. Ode To A Dying Empire, 12. The Scourge Of The Gods, 13. The Sinking Of Atlantis

Additional Information

Artist As Light Dies
Style Death Metal
Label Mondongo Canibale