AGATHOCLES War Fetisjists Kill / PSYCHONEUROSIS Grind Resurrection CD

Two grindcore veterans team up for a killer split release! AGATHOCLES from Belgium comes with 5 songs recorded partly in 2005 and 2017. Raw and fierce grind/mincecore at its best. PSYCHONEUROSIS originated in 1991 came back to life after several years of absence with 7 fresh songs recorded March 2017. And just like decades ago it's pure old school grindcore that kicks ass! CD limited to 500 copies.




Title: War Fetisjists Kill/Grind Resurrection

Label: Selfmadegod Rec.

Cat. No.: SMG188

Format: CD

Style: Grindcore



1. Ergos – Thanatos, 2. Matadores Del Libertad, 3. War Fetisjists Kill, 4. Bass The Gabbers, 5. Carved Face Fashion


6. Intro/World Government, 7. Indoctrination, 8. Lost Generation, 9. The Grindcore Family, 10. Agenda 2030, 11. Live-As Normal, 12. Turn off TV-Turn on Thinking

Additional Information

Artist Agathocles
Style Grindcore
Label Selfmadegod