AGATHOCLES Black Clouds Determinate CD

Selfmadegod Records has started the reissue series of complete AGATHOCLES catalog including full length studio releases. “Black Clouds Determinate” is the second album to see the light of day back in 1994. The 2013 re-release has been remastered for a louder, fuller and heavier result as well as features totally revamped artwork and layout. The 17-song CD includes the song “Until it Bleeds” that comes from the same April 1994 session at famous Soundshape Studios. This song was not released on the first CD pressing of the album. “Black Clouds Determinate” sounds like a mix of raw old school grind/noisepunk and the most filthy raw fast death metal. Also, it's the recording where AGATHOCLES used the most pitch shifted voice on it! It’s a classic of grindcore!




Title: Black Clouds Determinate

Label: Selfmadegod Rec.

Cat. No.: SMG102

Format: CD

Style: Mincecore


1. Bastard Breed (Intro) / Scorn Of Humanity, 2. Sentimental Hypocrisy, 3. Megalomanic Stupidity, 4. Hangman's Dance, 5. Black Clouds Determinate, 6. Ubermensch Hilarity, 7. Triple Murder Flesh, 8. Europe's Fairytale, 9. Musicianship - Musicianshit, 10. Confront Your Image, 11. Mister Hardcore Syndrome, 12. For White Lies, 13. Technological Boom - Technological Doom, 14. Destroy To Create, 15. Bigheaded Bastards, 16. Hate Birth, 17. Until It Bleeds

Additional Information

Artist Agathocles
Style Grindcore
Label Selfmadegod