BREEDING FILTH Perverse Devolution CD

Sevared Records is proud to announce Breeding Filth's debut album. 30 minutes filled with ripe blast beats, technical riffing and ground-shattering slams, and it should excite fans of the genre. Also worth mentioning is the awesome artwork for the album, which was done by Raul Gonzalez. The band features a rare breed of multiple influences taking on a unique sound of pure brutality, while remaining extremely technical. Fucking Sick!!!




Title: Perverse Devolution

Label: Sevared Rec.

Cat. No.: SR-334

Format: CD

Style: Brutal Death Metal


1. Exhibit Of Perverted Lunacy, 2. Gagging On The Fumes, 3. Eaten From The Inside, 4. Lurid Master, 5. Perverse Devolution, 6. Pronounced Cancer, 7. Sufferance Of Savage Debauchery, 8. Imprisoned By Spiritual Torment

Additional Information

Artist Breeding Filth
Style Death Metal
Label Sevared