BOWELFUCK Fragments CD Digipack

Second full-length album. Recommended for fans of Rotten Sound or Nasum.




Title: Fragments

Label: Nice To Eat You Rec.

Cat. No.: NTEY082

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Goregrind


1. Why, 2. War Inside, 3. Casket Casket, 4. Strict, 5. Threat, 6. Im Pot, 7. Explosion, 8. Better, 9. Fragments, 10. Trapped, 11. Wasteland, 12. Illusion, 13. Redemption, 14. Now Is The Time, 15. Im Stuck, 16. Two Fields - Thre Days

Additional Information

Artist Bowel Fuck
Style Goregrind
Label Nice To Eat You