BOREA Whose Fault CD

“Whose Fault” re-released on CD with “Before You Die” (demo 1991) as a bonus and one new track “Die From The Hand Of God”.




Title: Whose Fault

Label: Psycho Rec.

Cat. No.: PRCD007

Format: CD

Style: Death/Thrash Metal


1. Motto, 2. With Fire And Sword, 3. Crying World, 4. Awakening, 5. Tear, 6. Destiny, 7. Born With No Chances, 8. The Pain, 9. Before You Die, 10. Destiny, 11. Piano, 12. The Judgement, 13. Killing Machine, 14. Die From The Hand Of God

Additional Information

Artist Borea
Style Death Metal
Label Psycho