BIRTH A.D. I Blame You CD

Debut album released by Metal Age Prod.



Band: BIRTH A.D.

Title: I Blame You

Label: Metal Age Prod.

Cat. No.: MAP089

Format: CD

Style: Thrash Metal/Crossover


1. Mission Statement, 2. Equal Opportunity, 3. Burn L.A., 4. Failed State, 5. Bring Back The Draft, 6. No Jobs (Don't Work), 7. This Scene Sucks, 8. Violent Retribution, 9. No, Man, 10. I Blame You, 11. Fill In The Blank, 12. Wrong Again, 13. Short Bus Society, 14. Cause Problems, 15. Kill Everybody, 16. Popular War, 17. Parasites Die, 18. Blow Up The Embassy

Additional Information

Artist Birth A.D.
Style Thrash Metal
Label Metal Age