BIRDFLESH The Farmers' Wrath CD

Full-length album released in 2009 by Obscene Productions.




Title: The Farmers’ Wrath

Label: Obscene Prod.

Cat. No.: OBP085

Format: CD

Style: Grindcore


1. Download Death, 2. External Wounds Of Vagina Power, 3. Goatrider, 4. Funny Ice-Dwarf, 5. In The Sickness Of The Sea, 6. Our Rice, 7. Payday Mayday, 8. The Flying Penis, 9. I Don't Wanna Live, I Don't Wanna Die, 10. Suffer In The Dark Of Darkness, 11. Gorilla Behaviour, 12. The Triumph Of Grind, 13. Cake Full Of Maggots, 14. Mythomaniac, 15. Leprosy On Jeopardy, 16. Footbath Fuck-Up, 17. AC/Deicide, 18. Some Kind Of Mongo, 19. Organ Smoothie, 20. The Spaghetti Strangler, 21. Eight Legs And A Death, 22. Wrath Of The Farmer, 23. Flamencorpse, 24. Swimmingpoop, 25. True Glove And The Purgatory Passion, 26. Wheelchair Impaler

Additional Information

Artist Birdflesh
Style Grindcore
Label Obscene