ASHCLOUD Children Of The Chainsaw CD

Second full-length album released by Xtreem Music.




Title: Children Of The Chainsaw

Label: Xtreem Music

Cat. No.: XM208CD

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Children of the Chainsaw, 2. The Revolting Dead, 3. Descend into Madness, 4. Inside the Shame of Desire, 5. Sovereign of Filth, 6. Tonight Your Skin Is Mine, 7. In This Eternal Void, 8. Under dödens vingar pt.3, 9. The Creeping Unknown, 10. S.C.U.M., 11. By the Weight of a Thousand Chains, 12. Written in Flesh

Additional Information

Artist Ashcloud
Style Death Metal
Label Xtreem Music