ARCTURUS Sideshow Symphonies CD+DVD

The newly remastered edition of their 2005 album! Packaged with the pro-shot "Shipwrecked In Oslo" DVD into a 2-disc set showcasing this influental band at the height of their powers. Recommended if you like Borknagar, Ishahn, Bimmu Borgir.




Title: Sideshow Symphonies

Label: Season Of Mist

Cat. No.: SOM100R

Format: CD+DVD

Style: Avantgarde Black Metal



1. Hibernation Sickness Complete, 2. Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer, 3. Deamonpainter, 4. Nocturnal Vision Revisited, 5. Evacuation Code Deciphered, 6. Moonshine Delirium, 7. White Noise Monster, 8. Reflections, 9. Hufsa


1. Ad Absurdum, 2. Nightmare Heaven, 3. Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer, 4. Alone, 5. Deception Genesis, 6. Chaos Path, 7. Tore Guitar Solo, 8. Deamon Painter, 9. Nocturnal Vision Revisited, 10. Painting My Horror, 11. Hufsa, 12. Master Of Disguise, 13. White Noise Monster, 14. Reflections, 15. Raudt Og Svart

Additional Information

Artist Arcturus
Style Black Metal
Label Season Of Mist