AGATHOCLES The Peel Sessions LP

Cult session in Radio BBC released as 10” LP.




Title: The Peel Sessions

Label: Let The Bastards Grind

Cat. No.: LTBG040

Format: 10” LP

Style: Mincecore


A1. A Start At Least, A2. Theatric Symbolisation Of Life, A3. Mutilated Regurgitator, A4. Consuming Endoderme Pus, A5. The Accident, A6. Kill Your Fucking Idols, A7. Lay Off Me, B1. Thy Kingdom Won't Come, B2. Age Of The Mutants, B3. Media Creations, B4. Reduced To An Object, B5. Is There A Place? B6. He Cared, B7. Be Your Own God, B8. Christianity Means Tyranny

Additional Information

Artist Agathocles
Style Grindcore
Label Let The Bastards Grind