ABOVE AURORA Onwards Desolation CD

Debut full-lenght album from Polish black / doom metal band Above Aurora. These six tracks drift from atmospheric doom to propulsive black metal, building tension and releasing it in barrages. The ebb and flow of their darkness is hypnotic; it lulls the listener into a state where the band can cast their ominous imagery into the mind. The band's guitars create a loose, eery mistiness as the rhythm section commands driving counter-melodies and percussion, and amidst the intimidating mass of sound, vocals do not take center-stage, but blend with the darkness around. The presence of this human voice is not to bring comfort from the desolate instrumental; its rough-edged tones instead form the uncanny face of Onwards Desolation, just familiar enough for the listener to let its darkness deeper into their heart.

For fans of Burzum, Funeral Mist, Mgła and Watain.




Title: Onwards Desolation

Label: Pagan Rec.

Cat. No.: MOON105

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Black Metal


1. Vortex, 2. Open the Wounds, 3. Descending, 4. Eradication of Light, 5. Sweet Poison, 6. Non Salva Me

Additional Information

Artist Above Aurora
Style Black Metal
Label Pagan